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Schema Therapy Institute Eastern Switzerland


The Institute for Schema Therapy of Eastern Switzerland (ISTOS) was founded in 2010 as a psychotherapeutic institute that offers professional training in Schema Therapy (according to J. Young). Its purpose is to increase the number of duly qualified Schema Therapists in Switzerland.

The acronym “ISTOS” (incidentally “mast of a ship” in Greek) stands for high-quality training. We would also welcome its becoming a forum for professional exchange and of Schema Therapy culture, as well as a hub in the large growing Schema Therapy network.


Photo Christoph Fuhrhans Founder and Director of the institute is Christoph Fuhrhans, specialist for psychiatry and psychotherapy and senior physician at the Center for In-Patient Psychotherapy of Clienia Littenheid AG.

Objectives of the Institute

  • The Institute for Schema Therapy of Eastern Switzerland enables training for Schema Therapists („standard certification“) and the spreading of Schema Therapy as taught by Jeffrey Young.
  • It provides advanced training for Schema Therapists interested in becoming Trainers in Schema Therapy and Supervisors in order to enlarge the pool of trainers and supervisors who are so urgently needed.
  • It communicates with other Schema Therapy Institutes nationally and internationally and, as an authorized training institute, fulfills the quality requirements of the ISST.
  • It takes part in the current development of the Swiss Network for Schema Therapy. In this context, it is involved in the professional and political debates concerning standards and associations of Schema Therapy in Switzerland.
  • It is a living forum for the exchange and discussion of current developments in Schema Therapy and its adjoining fields. It expressly welcomes that opinions may be formed and expressed in a free, undogmatic and creative way.

Christoph Fuhrhans

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