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The training in Schema Therapy is a postgraduate training that requires certain qualifications. It is primarily for psychologists and psychiatrists, but also members of other healthcare professions may attend the courses. Eligible for an ISST-certification as certified Schema Therapist are academically graduated psychiatrists and psychologists who are governamentally licensed to practice psychotherapy in their country or have absolved a psychotherapy training comparable to international standards (see:

The curriculum is structured according to the recommendations and guidelines of the International Society for Schema Therapy (ISST). It consists of:

Basic level courses:

Basic level courses should provide the trainee with a with good basic qualification in Schema Therapy. The basic level courses consist of all necessary tools and elements you need so start, to perform and to sucessfully end Schema Therapy with your client.

At our institute, the curriculum is offered as 4 basic workshops (ST1 - ST4):

  • ST1: Introduction into Schema Therapy; 10 hours
  • ST2: Working with mode model I (imaginations); 10 hours
  • ST3: Working with mode model II (Chairwork and mode dialogues, case conceptualization); 10 hours
  • ST4: Working in the therapeutic relationship, BPD and Cluster C-PD; 10 hours

Methodological deepening/advanced courses:

These courses are conceptualized either regarding special techniques or modes(imaginations, impact techniques, integrating other techniques into Schema Therapy like Drama Therapy etc., working on the Healthy Adult mode, the Vital Child mode etc.) or special disorders (Borderline, Narcissistic, Cluster C etc.) or special populations (couples, groups etc.).

To participate in these courses basic knowledge in Schema Therapy is required, but it is not obligatory to have terminated the entire basic curriculum.