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Schema Therapy Intensive! 40 hrs in 10 (5 x 2) Afternoons


Christoph Fuhrhans




About this training

 We offer the complete 40-hour basic curriculum for Schema Therapy Individual Certification, including all elements that are part of the official ISST training list.

Participants will receive 25 hours of didactic training and 15 hours of dyadic role-playing and exercises for a total of 40 hours.
Format: 5 x 2 afternoons - easy to integrate into your daily work!

The curriculum

In the first part, you will receive a thorough introduction to schema theory and the case conceptualization of schema therapy.
We will begin with how everything in Schema Therapy is organized around the central role of basic emotional needs.  
You will learn how repeated negative or positive parenting behaviors lead to the development of negative or positive schemas as complexity reduction patterns.
The 18 maladaptive schemas of the schema model will defined, explained, and demonstrated. You will get the difference between schema and schema coping, understand the relationship between schemas and schema modes, and learn how to practically distinguish between the different modes of the schema mode model.
Further you will experience the "power of imagination" and learn when and how to use imagery work and imagery rescripting, mode dialogues and schema dialogues on chairs, and how to use cognitive techniques specific to schema therapy.
Another important role will be played by the special therapeutic relationship in schema therapy ("limited reparenting") and its use as a central tool for change.  
In particular, participants will learn how to use empathic confrontation as an effective tool for overcoming even the most difficult forms of coping.
Finally, participants will receive practical advice on how to use schema therapy with specific client populations, such as those with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) or Cluster C Personality Disorders (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Avoidant Disorder, Dependent Disorder).

Special Features

This course places special emphasis on resilience and positive schemas/modes. We will learn about the 14 positive schemas, the "7 dimensions of good (re-)parenting" and the positive modes (Contented/Happy Child, Vital Child and Healthy Adult).
You will practically learn how to build, implement and intensify positive schemas to balance the deconstruction of negative schemas and how to strengthen the Healthy Adult mode.
The different stages of therapy and the formulation of a treatment plan are explained step by step.
Participants will have an excessive chance to exercise in small supervised groups in breakout rooms.

Our basic model

Our basic schematherapeutic model is organized around two central dimensions: Autonomy and Attachment/Connection. While the basic emotional needs for attachment and autonomy are anchored in the Happy Child mode (as Contented Child and Vital Child submodes) and, when sufficiently satisfied, are realized in the development of positive schemas, their persistent frustration leads to maladaptive schemas resp. the coping modes of surrender/subjugation (pseudo-connectedness) or overcompensation/dominance (pseudo-autonomy).


Additionally a lot of reading material, case conceptualization forms, questionnaires including rating tools and homework material will be provided to the participants.

Time and format:

We are going to offer a special format that consists of 10 afternoons each (of 4 hours), Thursday/Friday afternoon, 2-afternoon packs, once monthly, over 5 months, so that in December 2024 you will have finished your training.

The time will always be from 2:00 pm until 6:30 pm with two short breaks in between.

The dates are:


Methods & Objectives:


  • 08/15/2024, 14:00-18:30
  • 08/16/2024, 14:00-18:30
  • 09/12/2024, 14:00-18:30
  • 09/13/2024, 14:00-18:30
  • 10/24/2024, 14:00-18:30
  • 10/25/2024, 14:00-18:30
  • 11/14/2024, 14:00-18:30
  • 11/15/2024, 14:00-18:30
  • 12/12/2024, 14:00-18:30
  • 12/13/2024, 14:00-18:30




Online - Zoom, Online


1580 Euro





Participants from ISST-"B-contries" will pay a reduced price of 750.- Euro


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