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Schema Therapy and Polyvagal Theory: THE LAYERED MODEL OF SCHEMAS AND ADVANCED TECHNIQUES: Mastering Helical Re-growth and Parental Re-growth in Schema Therapy


Alp Karaosmanoglu




Schemas play a pivotal role in Schema Therapy, a topic explored through numerous studies indicating the existence of 18 distinct schemas. Despite varied insights into their higher-order structure, our latest research, poised for publication and derived from scale results of 3310 psychotherapy patients, uncovers a definitive higher-order schema structure. This research, alongside another on coping mechanisms and modes, reveals notable parallels with the surrender, fight/flight, and social interaction mechanisms of Polyvagal Theory, suggesting schemas operate on multiple layers, including threat detection, control, and response.

Incorporating 'Re-growth' into our discourse, it's acknowledged that merely rescripting reference memories may not sufficiently diminish the painful experiences triggered by current life experiences. Thus, we've integrated the 're-growth' technique, traditionally employed in Gestalt therapy and Ericksonian hypnotherapy, into our rescripting method. Our specialized 'Helical Re-growth' technique reshapes the client's personal history up to the present, enabling a broader skillset in response to schema-triggering situations. This approach not only supports the Vulnerable Child' emotionally but also uses the power of imagination to rewrite subsequent years, enhancing the client's behavioral repertoire. A rescripted biography fosters the 'Healthy Adult', capable of devising more effective and creative solutions to current challenges.

Moreover, we've added the 'Parental Re-growth' technique to the schema therapist's toolkit. This technique addresses scenarios where a parent's cooperation in imagination is absent by leveraging the support of grandparents. This technique significantly enhances the rescripting of reference memories, aiding the Vulnerable Child within the parent for more impactful outcomes.

Our one-day online Zoom workshop will begin with a theoretical foundation based on clinical experience and scientific research, followed by practical applications and exercises to impart the aforementioned techniques. This session promises to deepen your understanding of Schema Therapy and expand your practical skills, including innovative approaches like Helical Re-growth and Parental Re-growth, in this crucial field. Do not miss the opportunity to enhance your therapeutic toolbox and efficacy in addressing complex psychological issues.

Methods & Objectives:


  • 04/12/2024, 09:00-16:30




Online - Zoom, Online


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